Huc & Gabet - Books of Interest
Huc & Gabet - Books of Interest

The Huc & Gabet Bookatorium

Now open by appointment

Huc & Gabet are not only on line booksellers, we also have a physical presence where you can browse and even hold a book if you wanted to.

The Bookatorium is a small book shop hidden away close to the centre of Clunes (Victoria). It is small but does contain an eclectic and exciting mix of rare and not so rare books. If you're into books, you'll love the Bookatorium.

It is only open by appointment. Anyone who wants to look/browse/buy books, is more than welcome, they just need to contact us via phone or email, and arrange a day and time that is mutually appropriate for all concerned. You're probably wondering how much notice is necessary. Despair not, if you're here in town (Clunes) call us and if we are available, we can open in a few minutes... don't be shy, call us.

Phone: 0437 444 212 (Robin)

photographs by Alina Golovacheko