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Huc & Gabet is an online secondhand bookseller based in Clunes (Booktown), Victoria, Australia.  We are a small independent business with over ten years of online bookselling experience and over thirty years of retail experience.  We offer honest, accurate and prompt service.  

“Books of Interest” are our specialty, incorporating a broad selection of interesting vintage and not so vintage books.   All books currently listed are available for sale and are in stock (we do not source books from other booksellers or from overseas warehouses). 

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Clunes Booktown Festival 2017 6-7 May

Books of interest and interesting books

Good news everybody, I will once again be selling at one of Victoria's premier book events, The Clunes Booktown Festival... and this time I'm on the map of booksellers that will be here. The map thingy is important as I am a little tucked away and off the beaten track making it difficult for people to come and see me if they don't know i'm here. The idea is that if i'm on the map people will come and look for me. Last year unfortunately I had only a small number of people stumble upon the Bookotorium mainly due to a bunch of balloons that I had stuck outside, but this year...

A few of my regulars have contacted me to make sure i'll be here. Which is very nice of them to think of me. Anyway come a long and say hello. I'll be here.